On Finding A Muffin

Posted on: 2015-08-23
Once I receive emails from you lovely people, Kettle Talk will look a little something like this:


Dear Kettle Talk,

I would like nothing better than to tell you my how we met story but lately, my love life has been one disappointment  after another. Do you have any tips or advice?




Dear Disappointed,

I am sorry you’ve been experiencing disappointment in your love life. Finding the  … read more >>

Guess Who Has a Podcast?

Posted on: 2018-05-06

The Raisin at the Hot Dog’s End podcast

Me, Kettle Talkers! That’s right, me and my fellow American in Iceland Jonas launched our podcast earlier this month. I broached the idea back in December or January–sometime before I started my second job at the Kindergarten and was feeling a bit bleh about everything …  read more >>

Have A Relationship Dilemma?


If you want my advice, let me know (anonymously, if you like) and I’ll post my response in Kettle Talk.