Hello, Good Morning!

Campsite at Atlavík, Fljótsdalshérað, Iceland. Photo by Lydia Holt


Today Feels Like

A glade filled with sun
Warming us for a moment
Before the wind comes

Good morning Kettle Talkers! It’s another warm sunny day in Brooklyn. I am reminded of the time we were camping in Iceland and the wind coming off a glacier was so violent that it ripped a whole in the tent. We broke camp and drove to the next campsite where we found an idyllic glade filled with sun and, miraculously, no wind. Thankfully, we had been given a spare tent and were able to find a cozy little spot in the sun. The moral of the story, don’t stay in bad situations—find a way out—and always carry a spare tent. Enjoy the sun, wherever you may find it!

Winter Brings Out The Haikus In Me

Inside a Yellow Tulip Photo by Lydia Holt




Winter is still here

Thank God for yellow tulips

I’m waiting for spring




Greetings Kettle Talkers! It’s been months. I know. If you want to see what I’ve been up to while not updating my blog, check out my Instagram. My default setting is hermit so come winter I want to do nothing more than stay inside, sip tea and wait for spring in peace. Thankfully I have two kids and live in New York City which forces me to get up and out even when I don’t want to. One of the things I’ve been doing is writing a haiku a day since the beginning of February. Why? I don’t know. This winter has just been an especially haiku-ish one, for me at least. I’ve collected some of them here for your enjoyment. You can find my daily haikus on Medium and Twitter.

Tea Photo by Lydia Holt



The perfect meeting

Leaves from the earth in water

Fire it and blow


Snowfall in Prospect Park Photo by Lydia Holt



Silence surrounds us

Even while the air whispers

Quieting our steps




Winter Sky Photo by Lydia Holt

Silence, you are bliss

Tis the company of trees

That I most prefer


To Gales 

Thanks, now my face hurts

My cheeks don’t feel like my own

Throbbing on my face



Snow Photo by Lydia Holt


Winter 2

Bundle up and trudge

Rotate the world, spin, repeat

Look for the sun, up




by Lydia Holt

The blizzard is over

Slush awaits on the corners

Wade or jump, your choice



Burning, fiery bright

Roiling energy spinning

Pulling small things near