Morning Tea: Sometimes it Snows in April

It’s Easter Sunday. I’ve run out of Earl Grey tea and am forced to drink English breakfast instead. It snowed early this morning. It’s April 4th.

April 4th. Easter morning as seen through my filthy balcony door. Gleðilega páska.

I’m going to take this morning snow as the universe aligning with the topic of the latest episode of my music podcast. I’m one with the universe y’all. In the latest episode of Space Time Music, I listen to covers of April in Paris and Sometimes it Snows in April by the late, great, purple, paisley one known as Prince. It’s a song that reminds us that no matter our expectations and greatest wishes, sometimes life just does its own thing and sometimes that includes ending. Sometimes it snows in April and you have to drink a tea that isn’t your favorite. Them’s the breaks.

In other news, I finally made it up to the volcano in Geldingadalur with the husband and kids. It’s a pretty amazing sight. There’s a bit of steep hiking involved and a lot of sideways on rocky slopes walking. My knees and calves were not ready. We spent about five hours there, from sunset and into the night and the husband to help me down the mountain because I kept getting cramps in my calf muscles.

The Two Craters. Eruption in Geldingadalur.

That’s all for now. Despite the presence of snow on the ground I’m keeping the faith that ‘spring’, such as it is in Iceland, is still on the way with summer soon to follow. Happy Easter!

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