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NOTE: This does not apply exclusively to in-laws, in-laws just sounds catchier in a headline than plain old family or houseguests. Also, this is not about anyone in particular and is more about how I manage my personal flaws than anything else. I am an overly sensitive, moody, introvert and if you’ve read Earl Grey—Black, you […]

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Once I receive emails from you lovely people, Kettle Talk will look a little something like this:   Dear Kettle Talk, I would like nothing better than to tell you my how we met story but lately, my love life has been one disappointment  after another. Do you have any tips or advice? Thanks, Disappointed […]

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This woman is not Sofia but, I like to think that in an alternate universe, we are bosom friends — my calm demeanor balancing out her fiery one, her fists saving me from the bad habit my mouth has of writing checks my a** can’t cash. In the reality of this universe, I am Lydia […]

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